SRIR256V2 (High Resolution Automotive Radar)

SRIR256-V2 is a Real time 4D Imaging Radar System. This Radar system is based on SVR4414 High Performance CMOS Radar Transceiver Integrated Circuit from Steradian Semiconductors. SRIR256-V2 achieves some of the best-in-class spatial resolutions by cascading 4 SVR4414 Transceivers each having 4 Independent Transmit and 4 Independent Receive channels in a Multi-Input Multi-Output Configuration (MIMO). This arrangement of 16 Transmit and 16 Receiver Combination produces 256 Virtual channels which is used to sample both Horizontal and Vertical space ahead.

SRIR256-V2 for LRR mode can combine multiple Independent Transmit Channels in phase to maximize the range. This helps detect the targets beyond 250m for long range applications.

SRIR256-V2 is equipped with state-of-the-art distributed Object Tracking Algorithms based on advanced tracking algorithms and Data Association. This allows the Radar System to track the independent moving objects even in crowded environment such as dense traffic. Also, the ego velocity can be computed by the Radar for terrain rich environments allowing the Radar to track independent moving objects.

Radar Data from multiple Transceivers is sent to an off-the-shelf DSP Or GPU which does all the Radar Signal Processing steps including High Density point cloud generation, Clustering, Tracking and Classification. Steradian provides SW to be run on ECU units making it power and cost efficient for the customers.

Some of the key aspects of the Radar System are highlighted below:

  1. Single Radar for Multiple Range Modes
  2. USRR (4GHz), SRR (2GHz), MRR (1GHz) and LRR (250MHz)
  3. Single Radar can be operated in 76-81 GHz
  4. Real time Point-Cloud Output
  5. Based on SVR4414 High Performance CMOS Radar IC
  6. Mapping of both Stationary and Independent moving targets
  7. 256 Aggregate MIMO channels, 16 Transmit and 16 Receive channels
  8. Custom Development possibility for Azimuth & Elevation Resolution
  9. Azimuth and Elevation Scanning
  10. Compact Size of 19.5cm X 10.8cm X 4.48cm

Key Features

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High density point cloud in 4D space for object dimensions and doppler



User configurable detection, clustering and tracking modes



Accuracy of 0.1° in azimuth and 0.3° in elevation



Compatible with popular compute platforms like Nvidia GPU