SRIR144V2T (Integrated Traffic monitoring System with built in Vehicle classification)

SRIR144V2T is a real time speed enforcement / traffic monitoring Radar system for Smart Cities and Intelligent Transportation System.

SRIR144V2T offers plug-and-play unit for Controlling and Visualizing. Radar can map both stationary terrain and moving objects simultaneously. SRIR144V2T tracks 100’s of moving objects and reports the location and the on-the-road speed of the vehicles to high accuracy.

SRIR144V2T automatically corrects the speed for the Radar location and Radar mounting biases on the speed. SRIR144V2T is built on Industry leading 76-81GHz Integrated CMOS transceiver SVR4414.

SRIR144V2T release package includes a Chrome browser based GUI which acts as both Controller and Viewer / Renderer. For Direct processing with an ANPR: we provide the track information at a trigger distance. Vehicle information such as location & speed is reported per frame when it crosses the user defined trigger line. GUI can control the radar unit and set the configurations such as operating bandwidth and operating mode: SRR vs LRR. User can track both incoming and outgoing traffic or separately. User can also define the lanes to filter out curb traffic, merging lanes etc.

The design is IP67 certified to withstand the natural elements.

Some of Highlights of our traffic solution:

  1. Single platform for short/medium (<75m) and long range (300m)
  2. Maximum speed of +/-320 Km/H
  3. Speed resolution of 0.27 m/s
  4. Range resolution of 0.3m (<75m) and 0.60m (long range)
  5. Range resolution of 0.15m till 300m in near term roadmap
  6. EMI/EMC certified
  7. Certified for speed accuracy
  8. Ethernet and RS485 interface

Key Features

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4D Imaging

Antenna array for 1.2° azimuth and 6.5° elevation beam width


Multimode support

Wide field of view of 120° in azimuth and 30° in elevation


Quick evaluation

GUI for data collection and FoM testing


Real Time application

15 fps refresh rate through standard ethernet interface