1. Role
    a. PCB schematic creation & PCB layout
    i. Create PCB schematic.
    ii. Verify components number & specification.
    iii. Verify foot print & pinout.
    iv. Work with PCB design engineer.
    b. Interface with PCB manufacturer & Assembly house.
    i. Work with manufacturer for stackup, design rule, schedule, quotation etc.
    ii. ii. Work with Assembly house for assembly instruction, BOM, stencil files,schedule,
    quotation etc.
    c. Component/Board inventory management:
    i. Work with lab assistant to manage/order components inventory.
    ii. Manage board inventory, assign serial number etc.
    d. Board bring-up:
    i. Board debug/bring up.
    ii. Powerup (dc voltage & clk check etc).
    iii. Functional test (data capture, stability etc).
    e. Test/measurement:
    i. Work with design team / test team members & test RFIC part as per thedatasheet.
    • Gain, Noise figure, TX output power, phase noise etc.
    ii. Write automated script for above.
    iii. 2 test engineers are available on site to help with above.
  2. Skill:
    a. Allegro Schematic capture
    b. Allegro PCB review & minor edit.
    c. Working knowledge with test equipment: Spectrum Analyzer, CRO, Signal sourceanalyser,
    Network analyser etc. Any one Scripting language (for example python, lua, etc).
Job Category: Tech
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bangalore

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